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Work at Crescent

Work at Crescent

Crescent is an early-stage startup focused on accelerating the future of personalized health, starting with sleep.

Why we exist:

Sleep makes up a third of our lives and yet a third of individuals across the world suffer from poor sleep and sleep issues. This is having a drastic impact on the state of our collective physical and mental health, and productivity. [1]

Some of the effects of poor sleep:

  • 23% increased chance in developing Alzheimers
  • 27% increased chance of negative cardiovascular events (heart attacks, arrhythmia, etc)
  • 11 days of productivity lost per annum

Following the COVID lockdown, people's sleep issues have only gotten worse. Since the start of the pandemic, 68% of individuals have experienced new sleep issues.

We're creating a new category of sleep health, centered around data and behavior change, to help you discover how your daily habits impact your sleep and energy, and discover and sustain new healthy habits for improved sleep and energy.

The keys to good sleep and daily energy are pretty similar to the keys to good overall health. Your health starts every and ends every day with sleep. By unlocking sleep health, we can enable and sustain better overall, long-term health.

As Crescent Health, our mission is to make improving your health more accessible, proactive, and data-driven.

How we work:

Crescent is a remote first and async default organization. Each year we host two off-sites in rotating cities across North America.

Work anywhere in the world. No location-based adjustment to your salary.

How we hire:

Below is a list of open positions and job descriptions. When hiring, we don't place much emphasis on traditional signals (what school you went to or what company you previously worked at). Instead, we look for builders from diverse backgrounds that will thrive in a fast paced startup environment.

We're growing quickly and excited to welcome new members to the Crescent team.

Open positions 🚀

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  • Interested but don't see a role? Feel free to email us your resume along with a note – we'll be happy to take a look and keep it in a safe spot for the future.

Open Roles

Coach - Part Time
Coach - Full Time
Founding Lead Mobile Engineer
Growth Generalist
Growth Engineer
Founding Full-stack Engineer

Our team is the best in sleep and performance


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Josh Collin
Josh Collin Co-founder; Operations and Growth Josh is a former college basketball player on a championship-winning team, and has seen first hand the effectiveness of expert human coaching and guidance in yielding radical outcomes. Having suffered from many severe injuries and ailments, many stemming from lack of sleep, he was able to overcome these hurdles with the expert guidance of his trained coaching staff. Josh also studied economics and psychology at Swarthmore College, previously worked at Goldman Sachs, and co-founded a financial literacy organization.
Jason Jin
Jason Jin Co-founder; Product development and Engineering Jason has personally struggled with sleep issues for several years and was fed up with existing solutions for sleep. Since then, Jason has led sleep-related research studies with wearable EEG devices, where he analyzed data to determine effect sizes on an individual (n-of-1) level, of sleep-impacting interventions such as meditation, pink noise and more. Jason also studied Cognitive Science and Computer science at Swarthmore College, co-founded a wearable analytics startup, and previously worked in growth and operations at MagicBus (YC'16).